What we do

Over the past 12 years, The Livingstone Initiative has set up, launched and developed a number of projects, including:

  • The Livingstone Zambia-Scotland Medical Exchange
  • Provided funding for a junior doctor from Livingstone General Hospital to come to Scotland for a 3-month clinical attachment in ENT Medicine
  • Linked 19 schools in Livingstone Zambia with 18 schools in Scotland through the Bird Exchange of Art, Storytelling & Music
  • Started building a secondary school for vulnerable girls and orphans in Chama District, a remote and extremely poor area in north-eastern Zambia
  • Initiated arts and cultural community events to stimulate tourism
  • Conceived the Livingstone International Cultural Arts Festival in partnership with the Zambian Tourism Board

By doing the above, and by working in private-public partnerships, we are helping to:

  • Enable Livingstone General Hospital to open and run a new ENT Clinic, so that ENT patients in Southern Province can now be treated
  • Provide an opportunity for girls in Chama District to receive a secondary education in a region where there is still a prevalence of child marriage, child labour and currently no girls' school within 80kms.
  • Drill boreholes to supply fresh, clean water to the school and surrounding villages for the first time.
  • Create a long-term agricultural programme to farm the 750 hectares of farm land which the school owns, so that it can feed the staff and pupils, sell surplus produce and enable the girls to learn how to grow and harvest food. Thus the girls will leave school with vital life skills.
  • Open a healthcare clinic in the school, which will also offer its services to the villagers.
  • Reduce the prevalence of child marriage
  • Reduce the distances that children have to walk to fetch water, thereby giving them more time to attend school
  • Reduce incidence of various diseases
  • Engage the international and domestic tourism media to raise awareness of Zambia
  • We are now entering a new phase of activity, building on what we have achieved already and expanding into new areas. See side menu for more details.