From our Partners & supporters

St Mary's Calne Girls hit the dance floor...

St Mary's Calne girls and their teachers entertained the villagers at the end of the working day with their attempts at cultural dancing the Zambian way and introduced the locals to "pop" dancing. They laughed and played football with the children and came home with wonderful stories about their amazing experience in Africa and a wealth of memories from their working holiday.

The Diocese of Edinburgh donates...

A second contribution in 2014 came from the Diocese of Edinburgh, which raised £10,000 through their Bishop's 2013 Lent Appeal. This paid for a borehole to supply fresh water for the very first time to Tembwe and replaced the small, deep and very muddy well, which had been the only source of water in the district and for the new school. Remaining funding went towards a building equipment and materials, ensuring a strong start to the construction phase I.

Inspiring all-night sleepout to raise funds...

The Grassmarket Community Project volunteers and friends, led by Tommy Steel held a sleepout outside their community centre in the heart of Edinburgh's Old Town to raise funds for their trip to Chama. It was a cold, wet winter's night following the Scotland vs Wales Rugby International. They raised a lot of money, with one young man donating a massive £7,500.

Edinburgh Fundraiser

The Livingstone Initiative held a black tie fundraising evening in Edinburgh at Greyfriars Kirk in February 2018. It was a glorious and huge fun event, kicking off with a Champagne Reception, followed by Dinner and Scottish Dancing. An auction and raffle took place after dinner, with a great selection of wonderful prizes donated by Zambian and British partners and sponsors. Over £4000 profit was raised and handed over to The Anglican Children's Programme's Chama Project.  Their next Fundraiser will be held on 17 February 2024. For more information, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meadows Festival

Catherine Scott, a British doctor with family connections to Zambia, spent a day at Edinburgh's Meadows Festival selling bric-a-brac from her stall. She had had a good clear out of the family home and decided this was a great way to raise funds for charity. She generously split her takings between The Chama Project and one other charity. She is currently planning a trip to Zambia with her brothers and sister.

Gap Year Adventures

Ben and Alex Eaglestone visited Zambia in August 2019 to stay with Father Katete, ACP's Director, in Lusaka. They had an amazing time in both in Lusaka and Chama. These young men raised funds through JustGiving and by organising a charity football match in Gloucestershire. Both are now working with us on the marketing and social media side. Click here to find out more about volunteering.

Dr Alex Malambo

Congratulations to Dr Alex Malambo on his graduation. In 2014, with the help of one incredibly generous donor, we brought Alex over to the UK for a 3-month clinical attachment in ENT medicine. The Zambian Government then sponsored his 5-year post-graduate ENT surgical training in Nairobi and now Alex has graduated in 2020 and is now working in Lusaka at the University Teaching Hospital but... also spending one week a month running the ENT clinic in Livingstone.

Alex was our first candidate in the Livingstone Zambia-Scotland Medical Exchange. Having approached Livingstone Central Hospital with the idea of an exchange, they told us they were keen to open an Ear, Nose & Throat Clinic so that the people living in Southern Province would have access to treatment without having to travel to Lusaka, which is very expensive. We wanted to help bring this about

Bishops support ACP

Bishop William Mchombo (Chipata), Bishop David Njovu (Lusaka) with Father Katete, Director of the Anglican Children's Programme, are all working together to build a better future for the children of Chama District, north-eastern Zambia.

Tembwe villagers are making all the bricks

The villagers surrounding Tembwe are working hard making all the bricks needed for the new school in Chama. The bricks are made from clay  and are being fired on site. Hundreds of thousands of bricks are being stock-piled ready for the bricklayers to use. Currently these bricks are destined for the classroom block.