Livingstone Zambia is preparing to beat to a very different and vibrant tune next year in 2013. A whole range of exciting, fun, lively and colourful events and festivals will be running between 19 March through to 16 November 2013 to commemorate Dr David Livingstone and the bicentenary of his birth.


Community Projects

In the frame and on the drawing board are cultural and business links between UK, Zambia and USA, a medical exchange between Livingstone Hospital and Scotland, 2-way education packs for schools, plus other charitable and sustainable projects. 


Provisional Calendar of Events for 2013

Please note that this is a provisional listing of events for 2013. Some of these events, exact dates, times and venues are still to be confirmed and more events to be listed.


March 2013

Motocross Enduro Rally – Come and join us in early March at the start of the Motocross season. A fun weekend for all the family.


Gala Event – Tuesday,19 March

Gala commencement of the David Livingstone Bicentenary Events and Festivals.

This is the date on which Livingstone was born, 200 years ago in 1813.


International Visual Arts and Crafts Exhibition – 20-24 March

Exhibits from surrounding countries and will include African food festival. 


International Cultural Festival – Saturday 23 March tbc

Surrounding countries  plus countries through which Livingstone travelled will be invited to participate in this fun, vibrant, colourful international start to the bicentenary celebrations. National stands, food and lots more.


April 2013

International Academic Conference (19-21 April)in Livingstone Zambia – Imperial Obsessions David Livingstone, Africa and world history: a life and legacy reconsidered. Jointly hosted jointly by The London School of Economics, UK; The Livingstone Museum, Zambia and The David Livingstone Bicentenary, Livingstone, Zambia. Read more...


The Zambezi Gorge Ultra Marathon Trail Run – Victoria Falls Livingstone – 27 April

60kms Ultra Marathon trail run with finish in view of the Falls... Perfect timing for training for The Comrades. Full details to follow.


May 2013  

Livingstone Memorial Day (1 May)

David Livingstone died in Zambia on 1 May 1873, after spending half his life exploring the African continent.


Mountain Bike Cross-Country Race (1 May)

Full details to follow.


African Freedom Day weekend (25-27 May)

Namvula Rennie- Performance on 25 May on the banks of the Zambezi (full moon)

Eclectic and lyrical, Zambian-Scottish songstress Namvula paints soundscapes coloured with the tones of jazz, folk and African music. Having collaborated with leading artists on the ‘world music’ circuit, including Maureen Lilanda (Zambia) and Kadialy Kouyate (Senegal / UK), her solo project invites you to join her on an intimate, uplifting and searching journey, as she explores stories of love, life, belonging and wanderings.”Beautiful music....Namvula is a great new star poised and ready for orbit” WOM@TT  Full details to follow.


June 2013  

National Traditional Cultural Dancing Competition Full details to follow.


Fishing Competition (29 June –2 July)

Full details to follow.


July 2013 

Fishing Competition continues. (29 June –2 July)

National Contemporary Music Competition  Full details to follow.


August 2013

Music & Theatre Festival Agricultural weekend (2–5 August) promises to be lively with The Barefeet Theatre bringing dance, drumming, street theatre and acrobatics to town as well as their acclaimed play Tujuka must die.  And for music lovers, Zambias best female artiste, Maureen Lilanda will be performing with her band Ashilile. With a range of musical styles from jazz to pop, Maureen blends african flavors with sophisticated, contemporary rhythms. Lots more artists to be announced. Times and venues to follow.


4WD Rally. Full details to follow.


November 2013

2-day K1 Canoe Challenge (15–16 November) on upper Zambezi culminating on 16 November. Full details to follow.


Grand Finale (16 November)

River events, and memorial on Livingstone Island. This is the date that Dr Livingstone first viewed the Falls, from Livingstone Island. We are planning something special to round off the bicentennial celebrations.




For further information, contact:

Fred Mwendapole – Liaison Officer

0977 85 23 08  / 0955 85 23 08 • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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