The Princess Royal is co-Patron of the Scotland-Malawi Partnership in the UK, an organisation with which Livingstone 2013 is working closely.

We are also working with The National Trust for Scotland’s David Livingstone Centre and David Livingstone 200, the UK organisation coordinating plans for Bicentenary events being held in Great Britain.

Community Projects from a medical perspective, plans are progressing well for an exchange programme between Livingstone Hospital and Scotland to enable a Clinical Officer and a junior doctor to go to Scotland to gain wider experience. In the opposite direction a doctor will come here to share his knowledge and help with local training.

David Livingstone came from a poor and humble background, growing up and working in the harsh conditions of an industrial mill in Blantyre, Scotland. He was fortunate to have been taught to read and write feeding his thirst for knowledge through books in the library set up by the enlightened mill owners.

Inspired by Livingstone’s commitment to education, we are forging links between schools in Livingstone Zambia and Livingston Scotland (home to David Livingstone’s friend and sponsor James “Parafin” Young founder of the world’s first oil company and visited by Sussi and Chuma at the invitation of James Young).

The schools will connect through storytelling, musical and cultural exchanges. These links are being developed through Ewan McVicar in Scotland with the help of The British Council here in Zambia. Ewan McVicar’s particular involvement is with the artistic communities of Scotland, most especially Scotland’s traditions in song, music and storytelling, and he is hoping to make relevant and possibly productive connections with people in the Zambian cultural communities, especially around Livingstone, through his storytelling concept focussing on schools exchanges through digital hubs.

We are planning arts and crafts exhibitions alongside our main events to showcase the wonderful array of artistic talent that we have here in Zambia.

A leading British Independent Girls School, St Mary’s School Calne, has announced that they will be coming to Zambia in October next year to start a long-term relationship with the Anglican Street Children’s Programme. They will be working with Father Katete to help build a school in stages for the Programme up in Chama, close to where David Livingstone died. The area around Chama is one of the most undeveloped places in Zambia and the plight of orphans and vulnerable children, in particularl girls, is worse there with very few organisations are addressing their needs.

Events To kick-start Livingstone 2013:

We are planning a Memorial Service on 19 March 2013, followed by fireworks display in the evening for the whole town to enjoy. We are also planning an International Cultural Festival with representatives coming from 15 other nations.

Also coming to Livingstone for the first time will be a Motocross Enduro Rally in March next year. This will be a fun weekend for all the family with lots of things to do..

The Golf Club is hosting a high-profile David Livingstone Golf Tournament on Saturday 4 May 2013. We are holding a Livingstone Inter-company 5-aside Football Tournament on Saturday 13 April 2013. This will be a great opportunity for everyone in town to mix and mingle socially beyond the workplace and how better to do this than through the national sport of football. To have a hotel managers team, a lodge owners team, a tourism team, a journalists and media team, an Immigration officers team, a supermarket team, a craft market team, a town council team, a Southern Province government officers team, a fuel station team, a taxi drivers team and so on – all competing on a level playing field.

This, in conjunction with a Food Festival, would give everyone in town a chance to get to know each other outside work, relax, compete against each other and have fun. We might have a dance/music competition for those not playing football. Start training now! A Species Fishing Competition (29 June-2 July 2013) is to be held up near Mombova Rapids at the end of June next year and plans are progressing well.

The International Academic Conference (19-21 April)in Livingstone Zambia – Imperial Obsessions David Livingstone, Africa and world history: a life and legacy reconsidered. This conference – jointly hosted jointly by The London School of Economics, The Livingstone Museum and Livingstone 2013 – has already attracted an international array of academics, students and professionals, including some from Zambia and other African nations, who will give papers on a broad spectrum of topics.

We are in discussions with the Football Association of Zambia to host a friendly international demonstration match with a team from one of our surrounding countries and then, more importantly, to meet school children afterwards.

We have experienced Grade A K1 canoe paddlers from South Africa assisting and advising us on hosting the 2-day K1 Canoe Challenge (15/16 November 2013) along the Zambezi above the Victoria Falls. They are coming to Zambia next month to do a reconnaissance trip on the Zambezi.

We want to tie in events to celebrate the ‘unsung people’ surrounding David Livingstone, including Sussi and Chuma, his loyal and faithful attendants who travelled with him on several journeys and who ensured his body was returned to London for burial in Westminster Abbey; John Kirk, Richard Thornton and Charles Mellor who amassed large collections of botanic, ecological, geological and ethnographic material for scientific Institutions in the United Kingdom; the artist Thomas Baines; Henry Morton Stanley who was sent to find Livingstone by The New York Herald; and the Moffat family who ran Chitambo Mission.

We are in discussions with The Falls Information Centre Manager, Mr John Zulu, regarding an informative Treasure Hunt for school children and visitors in The Falls. This is something that has not been done here before. We are working closely with The Kasanka Trust, who look after the Livingstone Memorial at Chitambo Mission and who are celebrating their Silver Jubilee next year. We are helping them to forge links with organisations in the UK. Both the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, and the David Livingstone Centre in Blantyre Scotland have kindly agreed to supply us with interesting audio-visual material about David Livingstone for next year, which can be shown here at the Museum and also, as requested by the Zambia Tourism Board, at the UNWTO as items of side interest for the conference delegates and visitors to Livingstone.

The Scotland-Malawi Partnership are also helping us to raise awareness of all our projects here in Livingstone for next year’s bicentenary.

Dr Friday Mufuze from The Livingstone Museum here has contributed a paper to the exhibition catalogue for the National Museum of Scotland’s forthcoming exhibition in Edinburgh celebrating the life of David Livingstone. Dr Mufuze is travelling to Edinburgh to the opening of this major exhibition in November and will be taking part in workshops in the Scottish capital.

A famous Scottish composer Hamish MacCunn composed two pieces of music in memory of David Livingstone – a pageant in 1908 and a second piece which was performed at his Centenary in London in 1913. We are looking at possibilities of performing this here in Livingstone next year.

Grand Finale (16 November) River events, and memorial on Livingstone Island. This is the date that Dr Livingstone first viewed the Falls from Livingstone Island. We are planning something special to round off the bicentennial celebrations.

We have begun a series of monthly fundraising boat cruises in conjunction with Taonga. These very affordable cruises (tickets Zkw 80,000) are primarily for residents of our community and visitors to Livingstone. Information regarding other events and projects previously announced can be found in our Events Calendar for 2013, which can be viewed at:

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