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Members of The David Livingstone Bicentenary & Livingstone 2013 Committee had the honour of being presented to HRH Princess Anne at a Reception to celebrate The Queen's Diamond Jubilee held at the Livingstone Museum, Zambia, on 28 September 2012.



Envoy hails preps for Livingstone bicentenary

By Edwin Mbulo, The Post, Zambia, 01 March 2012


THE David Livingstone Bicentenary 2013 committee has planned a students medical exchange between Scotland and Livingstone to celebrate the life of the famous missionary and explorer. And British High Commissioner to Zambia, James Thornton, says though David Livingstone is a forgotten figure in the UK, he was a superstar in the Victorian Age.

Speaking at the official launch of the David Livingstone Bicentenary 2013 at the Livingstone Museum on behalf of foreign affairs and tourism minister Given Lubinda, permanent secretary Peter Kasanda said 2013 would be important for Zambia.

"I am reliably informed that your committee has lined up a number of events for 2013 to celebrate the life of David Livingstone such as a medical exchange between Livingstone, links to exhibitions organised by the national museum of Scotland, cultural exchange between schools in the UK and Zambia, the academic conference on David Livingstone, sporting activities, traditional dances and many others," Lubinda said.

He said the PF government believed there were tremendous socio-economic benefits that accrue from tourism development such as wealth creation, foreign exchange earnings, revenue generation as well as rural development.

High Commissioner Horton said Livingstone was a pioneer of today's Zambia through his missionary work.

"He is one of my predecessors as he was named to be the consular of Central Africa. I am impressed that the Zambian government wants to remember this man despite him being European," Thornton said.

And Belinda Hodge, chairperson of the Livingstone arts, cultural and sporting events development committee (LACSEDO), said a series of cultural events and festivals for the 200th anniversary next year starting with a gala function on March 19 which is Livingstone's birth day were being organised.

"Going through to November 16, 2013, the date on which Livingstone first viewed the (Victoria) falls from Livingstone Island in 1855, we will be holding a big finale, including events on the river," said Hodge.


Published by The Post, Zambia




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